Seasonal exclusives

Whether admiring the spring’s delicate blossoms or the crisp golden landscapes of autumn, Aman Kyoto’s seasonal exclusives are designed to celebrate the time of year – from limited-edition menus to special souvenirs, each offers a unique perspective on the resort’s ever-changing surroundings.

1 July - 30 September

Muskmelon Shaved Ice

Enjoy a refreshing muskmelon shaved ice, creamy Tahitian vanilla ice cream, and delicate Japanese Wasanbon sweets. For a touch of indulgence, add a splash of champagne.


Afternoon Tea

With over 20 different types of tea available at the Living Pavilion by Aman, you’re already spoilt for choice even before you receive your decadent spread of sweet and savoury treats designed to suit the season.

1 August -

Kyoto Kamigamo Vegetable Sablés

Crafted from four varieties of vegetables cultivated by local farmers in Kamigamo, Kyoto, each biscuit is meticulously baked to accentuate its natural flavours. Perfectly complemented by champagne or wine, these exquisite treats are elegantly presented in an original Aman Kyoto tin, making them an ideal gift or souvenir.

1 May - 31 July

Garden Parfait

Indulge in Aman Kyoto’s seasonally inspired Garden Parfait, a harmonious and elegant fusion of organic Uji matcha and Kyoto roasted green tea. Drawing inspiration from Aman Kyoto's tranquil forest garden, its flavours perfectly capture the natural beauty of the resort’s surroundings in early summer.

1 May - 31 July

Organic Matcha Green Tea Poundcake

Experience the indulgence of Aman Kyoto’s seasonal, Organic Matcha Poundcake, drawing inspiration from the verdant mosses of the resort’s secret forest garden. Combing the rich flavour of Uji matcha and a delightful red bean paste filling, it makes the ideal accompaniment to a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea.

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