The Palazzo Kitchen Table

The Palazzo Kitchen Table is a unique private-dining concept comprising a calendar of exclusive gatherings, held throughout the year. Taking place in an intimate kitchen setting overlooking the private garden, each event brings a small group of guests face to face with the global gastronomic elite for a celebration of culinary creativity and locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. 

Aman Venice, Italy - Palazzo Kitchen Aman Venice, Italy - Palazzo Kitchen Aman Venice, Italy - Palazzo Kitchen

A world of fine wine  

Alongside dining on the guest chef’s exclusive dishes, Palazzo Kitchen guests will be introduced to Aman Venice’s exemplary wine cellar. The hotel has accumulated an extensive and wide-ranging collection of some of the world’s finest wines, including rare vintages from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne in France and a 1995 merlot from Tuscany in Italy.  


Market to table  

In keeping with Aman Venice’s close connection to the fabric of the city and its surrounding region, Executive Chef Matteo Panfilio works closely with local farmers, fishermen and Rialto market traders to ensure the freshest seasonal produce is available for each private dining experience. 


A star-studded guest list  

Alongside Aman Venice resident chef Matteo Panfilio, the Palazzo Kitchen welcomes some of the brightest lights in modern gastronomy from around the world. Visiting chefs include the leading teppan chef Koji Aida, owner of Paris's only Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant, Aida. 

Aman Venice, Italy - Antonio Ferara Aman Venice, Italy - Antonio Ferara

Featured Experience

Mixology with Antonio Ferrara

Step into a world of refined flavours and expert craftsmanship, embarking on a cocktail making experience Aman Venice’s head mixologist, Antonio Ferrara. In the hotel’s private Palazzo Kitchen, Antonio shares his deep knowledge of mixology, guiding guests through an exploration of unique ingredients, techniques and combinations. As he describes the story behind each cocktail he creates, he moves with precision and grace, showcasing a symphony of colour and aroma.
Extending beyond the technical, Antonio works to understand individual preferences, tailoring each drink with unique twists and unexpected ingredients to surprise and delight, and in turn, creating signature cocktails that reflect each guest’s personality.

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