The Aman Story

Drawing its name from the Sanskrit-derived word for ‘peace’, Aman has strategically evolved over the course of three decades to become one of the world’s most intuitive and pioneering lifestyle brands. Aman's journey, whether experienced in one of its 35 destinations or in the home, has been inspired by a singular and original intent: To provide a level of service and experience that is peerless in every way.

Time with Aman is akin to being welcomed into a gracious private home where only a few guests are received. Aman properties are created holistically and evolve organically, the architecture always true to each destination. Discreet sanctuaries and spaces are sensitive and authentic to geography, design and cultural heritage - every Aman experience gently unfolds with simplicity and elegance providing an immediate sense of belonging. 

Aman ushers in serenity. Like a book of untold stories, the Spirit of Aman is intangible. Tales informed and enriched by culture, community, nature – this is a narrative emulated by many, yet delivered by Aman, it is inimitable.

Our staff gracefully share the Spirit of Aman in all that they do. Many of those who make Aman what it is, have been with us since the very beginning, and 35 years on continue to inextricably link us with many of the communities in our destinations. We place our guests at the heart of everything that we do and create environments that transition them seamlessly and instantly from the everyday, into a state of uncomplicated calm.  

Aman currently embraces 35 hotels, resorts and residence developments in 20 countries, 15 of which are located close to or within Unesco-protected sites. True to the brand’s pioneering spirit, a further ten projects have been announced to date as part of a robust future pipeline.

Looking to the future, the evolution of the brand will continue to evolve under the visionary leadership of Chairman and CEO, Vlad Doronin, with a robust pipeline in place and further plans to connect guests to the spirit of a place, in a way that only Aman can.

In recent years, Aman has also grown to offer its coveted lifestyle beyond the parameters of its havens. Aman Skincare and Sva supplements harness powerful natural ingredients to provide balance and optimal wellbeing within and without, while Aman Fine Fragrance products bring the spirit of Aman into the comfort of home.

This sentiment was echoed in 2021, with the arrival of a new retail collection, The Essentials by Aman, comprising timeless ready-to-wear pieces for every guest. With new horizons, come new opportunities, and Aman will continue to expand its offering in the coming years, staying true to its guiding principle of instilling peace in those it touches. 


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Since 1988, when Amanpuri opened in Phuket, Thailand, Aman has established destinations in Bhutan (Amankora, 2004), Cambodia (Amansara, 2002), China (Aman at Summer Palace, 2008; Amanfayun, 2010; Amandayan, 2015; Amanyangyun, 2018), France (Aman Le Mélézin, 1992), Greece (Amanzoe, 2012), India (Aman-i-Khás, 2003 and Amanbagh, 2005), Indonesia (Amandari, 1989; Aman Villas at Nusa Dua and Amankila, 1992; Amanwana, 1993 and Amanjiwo, 1997), Italy (Aman Venice, 2013; Rosa Alpina, 2020), Laos (Amantaka, 2009), Montenegro (Aman Sveti Stefan, 2008), Morocco (Amanjena, 2000), Philippines (Amanpulo, 1993), Sri Lanka (Amangalla and Amanwella, 2005), Turkey (Amanruya, 2011), Turks & Caicos Islands (Amanyara, 2006), USA (Amangani, 1998, Amangiri, 2009 and Aman New York 2022), Vietnam (Amanoi, 2013), Japan (Aman Tokyo, 2014; Amanemu, 2016; Aman Kyoto, 2019 and Aman Residences Tokyo, 2023) and Dominican Republic (Amanera, 2015). 


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Janu derives its name from the Sanskrit word for 'soul'.

Janu, a visionary new brand encompassing hotels, residences, and lifestyle experiences, derives its strength and direction from the legacy of its pioneering elder sibling, Aman. Rooted in the principles that made Aman an icon, Janu emerges with a clear vision to redefine hospitality for the contemporary era of restorative travel.

Janu offers exceptional design and service, characterised with a pace and energy that distinguishes it from the peaceful ambiance of Aman. With a distinct and captivating approach to hospitality, Janu provides an immersive experience that masterfully blends luxury with soulful exploration.


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