Bei TeaHouse

Just as much as spiritual destination as a place to enjoy this Chinese tradition, Bei TeaHouse rests just moments away from the resort, in the heart of the Yangyun community. A sanctuary for brewing and drinking tea, Bei TeaHouse’s flagship invites hotel guests to find balance, guided by one of China’s most popular rituals.  

Amanyangyun, China - Bei Teahouse - Tea Ceremony Amanyangyun-China-Bei-Tea-House

Tradition with innovation  

With origins in China and then spreading throughout the world, tea has served as a unique carrier of Chinese culture for over 5000 years. Today, among the ocean of varieties found across Asia and the West, Bei TeaHouse works to uphold the tradition of Chinese tea culture, with each cup served in a refined atmosphere and brewed with the upmost care. A destination teahouse serving as a cultural landmark and a community for tea lovers, each visit ensures the purest tea drinking experience.  

A sense of space 

Just moment’s from Amanyangyun, the Bei TeaHouse has been carefully designed to enhance the tasting experience. In a historic building, the team of renowned architects at Kerry Hill Associates worked with light and shadow to create a space that combines both contemporary and traditional Chinese aesthetics.