Wellness & Fitness at Amansara

Flanked by a tranquil reflecting pond and a 43-metre bas relief inspired by Angkor, the pathway to the Aman Spa is a journey into an environment of restorative calm. Here, time slows down, all is still, and the air is laced with the scents of fragrant fruits and flowers. Delivered across four treatment rooms, the menu of therapies interweaves Khmer healing traditions with Aman’s own organic blends, soothing mind and body, while Amansara’s programme of yoga, movement and meditation elevates the spirit.

Our facilities

  • Aman Spa set beside a serene reflecting pond
  • Four treatment rooms, each with a steam bath and shower
  • Treatments use traditional Cambodian healing techniques and all-natural Aman Skincare products
  • Dedicated yoga and movement studio and fitness centre
  • Two swimming pools, including a 25-metre lap pool
  • Spiritually enriching activities such as forest bathing, walking meditation and Buddhist water blessings
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The Apsara spa ritual

Inspired by the female cloud spirits carved into the temples of Angkor, Amansara’s signature Apsara ritual is a therapeutic spa journey designed for women. It begins with a full-body scrub with a hydrating and exfoliating blend of local herbs, includes an energising aromatherapy clay wrap, a traditional Khmer mask to tone the chest and a rice compress to relax the belly, ending with a mini facial.

Forest therapy

Immersion in nature is a proven pathway to mental wellbeing. Surrounded by the ancient trees of the Angkorian forest, tap into the restorative powers of the natural world and reconnect with the self. Feelings of urgency dissolve as the fullness of the present moment occupies the mind, and a sense of peace and joy pervades.

Salute the sun

Soak up the energy of sunrise and begin the day with a personalised yoga session in the Amansara movement studio or outdoors in the gardens. Strengthening, toning and balancing postures lead to deepened awareness and create a sense of harmony between mind, body and spirit.

Revitalising Massages

Amansara’s extensive menu of massages, beauty treatments and restorative therapies is inspired by traditional Cambodian techniques. Explore our range of full-body scrubs, oil massages and herbal massages to revitalise your body and mind.

Monk Led Forest Walking Meditation

Bring the power of relaxation into everyday life with a guided walking meditation session led by one of Angkor Wat’s master monks. Ideal for those looking to reduce stress and enhance mental clarity, or to elevate their mindfulness practice to the next level.

Ritual Water Blessing

Cambodian people believe the spirit is cleansed and purified through a ritual water blessing. This healing takes place at a remote Buddhist Pagoda to engage with Cambodian Buddhism in a more personal way. As the monk gently pours flower infused water over each individual, he chants to cleanse the spirit. This humble Khmer Buddhist ritual will leave guests feeling remarkably at peace. 

Aman Advanced Facial

Made in Japan, Aman’s new functional skincare line, Essential Skin, is infused with powerful rice bran and indigo extracts, to achieve noticeably lifted, more radiant skin. Combining products from the Essentials Skin line with exfoliation and manual lifting techniques, the Aman Advanced Facial stimulates face muscles to improve the skin’s overall texture.

The treatment begins with ultrasonic scrubbing to loosen and remove oil and debris from the pores. Supported by electric muscle stimulation and massage to firm, and cryo bulbs to eliminate puffiness, the complexion appears brighter and tighter. The treatment continues with the application of a marine mineral mask to deeply hydrate, followed by Aman x 111Skin Nourishing Gold Algae hydrogel face and eye masks to achieve an exceptional glow. For a wholly rejuvenation process, the facial can be extended to incorporate a 15-minute scalp massage.

Aman Shop

The spa experience from the comfort of home

In recent years, Aman has grown to offer its coveted lifestyle beyond the parameters of its havens. Aman Skincare and Sva supplements harness powerful natural ingredients to provide balance and optimal wellbeing within and without, while Aman Fine Fragrance products bring the spirit of Aman into the comfort of home.

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