Terrace Bar

Amandari - Ubud - Bali - Indonesia - The Bar

Glowing with the soft emerald light of sunshine through foliage, the Terrace Bar rests adjacent to the pool, with leafy views of the Ayung River Valley. The ideal location for a refreshing drink or light meal throughout the day, it is also the perfect spot for a cocktail to toast the setting sun.

Set in Ubud and open until 11pm every night, the Terrace Bar is the perfect convivial venue for after dinner drinks, cigar, and cocktails.

Amandari - Ubud - Bali - Indonesia - Bar Cocktail Amandari - Ubud - Bali - Indonesia - Bar

Cocktail hour

As the setting sun bathes the Terrace Bar in warm rose tones, watch as the barman muddles the finest spirits and liqueurs with homegrown ingredients – from galangal and lime, to cinnamon and lemongrass – to make the freshest of island cocktails.

Afternoon sweet treats

Spend some quiet time reading or playing a boardgame in the Bar every afternoon, savouring pisang goreng (banana fritters), batun bedil (sweet rice dumplings), laklak (Balinese pancakes) and other homemade island treats with a cup of tea or coffee.

The Terrace Bar is open to both hotel guests and visitors from 10pm until 11pm