Local attractions

As renowned for its ancient towns as for its natural wonders the likes of Unesco-protected Kotor Bay, Montenegro is home to ancient monasteries that cling to rocky cliffs and imposing stone churches that speak of centuries past. Its capital and largest city is Podgorica, while Cetinje is the former seat of the throne. A veritable playground for those wishing to explore the outdoors, Villa Miločer is perfectly placed for discovering all that Montenegro has to offer. 

Aman Sveti Stefan Gallery Aman Sveti Stefan Gallery

Guided St Sava Hike

A steep path during the entire hike leads to St. Sava peak, 250 meters above Sveti Stefan. Trek through forest area, punctuated by abundant greenery and a mesmerizing sea-views. The path is uphill for the first 40 minutes, through a narrow pebble road, made long ago by members of Pastrovici tribe. On reaching the summit, the path starts to widen, leading to the 15th century St. Sava Church, located at the peak. Centuries ago the bells of the church used to alarm people of this area of approaching danger, either from the sea or the mountains.

Ancient towns and Unesco treasures 

Dating back to the 5th century BC, the winding cobblestone streets of Budva lead explorers to the heart of Montenegro’s cultural heritage. Further north, in the famously picturesque fjord of Boka Bay, Kotor – a Unesco World Heritage site – offers an opportunity to lose oneself in the uniquely rich and engaging history of the beautifully preserved medieval town. 

Explore the wildlife of Lake Skadar 

Encircled by mountains and topped with water lilies, the glassy expanse of Lake Skadar is the largest freshwater body in Southern Europe. It is also home to more than 280 species of bird. Cruise across the water by boat and savour the serenity of the hills, the sound of birdsong and the sight of historic fortresses and monasteries on the lake’s forested shores. Stop for a swim or pause to picnic on local delicacies. 

A trio of beaches

Villa Miločer offers no less than three pink sandy beaches including the Adriatic jewel known as Queen’s Beach, with its emerald lagoon and forest-ensured privacy. King’s Beach and Sveti Stefan Beach await just a stroll away. 

Aman Sveti Stefan


Queen's Beach

The pink sandy shoreline of Queen’s Beach curls around an emerald lagoon and is one of the most enchanting locations on Montenegro’s coast. The resort’s Aman Spa is set back from the beach and a variety of non-motorised water sports equipment is available. 

King’s Beach  

An exquisite stretch of pink sand backed by Villa Miločer, King’s Beach rests between Sveti Stefan Beach and Queen’s Beach. Open to guests and non-residents, a pathway through the coastal vegetation to its north leads directly to Queen’s Beach. 

Sveti Stefan Beach 

The pink-pebble curve of Sveti Stefan Beach lies opposite Sveti Stefan Island, extending north and south on either side of the isthmus. It is lined with sun loungers served by Aman Sveti Stefan’s beach team and is open to guests and non-residents.