By the ocean

By the ocean

From otherworldly islands to endless stretches of coastline, Aman’s waterfront properties beckon this summer, offering the refreshing balm of sun, sea and sand.


Explore Island Worlds

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"In still moments by the sea, life seems large-drawn and simple. It is there we can see into ourselves."

- Rolf Edberg

Explore Island Worlds

Pristine shores backed by verdant jungle and fronted by endless blue. Underwater realms thriving with marine life, painted in vibrant hues. This summer, embark on a journey to one of Aman’s island worlds.

The Caribbean

Embrace the Caribbean's vibrant energy at two exotic Aman retreats, where days are spent exploring sun-dappled, secluded shores and evenings are charged with possibility.


Where lush jungles meet azure seas, Aman’s five Indonesian sanctuaries and private charter yacht each offer unique perspectives on this island of many contrasts.

The Philippines

Experience a new way of living on Aman’s own private isle, blissfully marooned in the crystal-clear, marine-rich waters of the Cuyo Archipelago.
Aman New York, USA Aman New York Boat

The Island of Manhattan

aman new york

Discover a unique perspective on the city aboard Aman New York’s fleet of motorised yachts. Take to the waters surrounding Manhattan Island, cruising along the Hudson River at dusk, before docking and returning to Aman's urban sanctuary.

Discover Coastal Destinations

By the water, life is lived differently. Minutes are not counted; daily routine is replaced by the rhythm of the tide and the sun as it rises and falls. Fringing the ocean, Aman’s coastal retreats provide respite for weary souls, embracing an altogether freer pace of living.

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